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Baby Wyatt

We have received a new request to assist a family with rent for their apartment. Baby Wyatt was born on 10/20/12 at 25 weeks gestation.¬†Wyatt was subsequently diagnosed with a significant heart defect which required surgery, bilateral head bleeds, and hydronephrosis. He remained on a high level of life support during his hospitalization. He then […]

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Family Photos

As I sat working on the vision and objectives for the Foundation this week I found myself face to face with a sense of loss and what I can only describe as feeling like a piece of me is missing. It was as if I was walking down the street knowing exactly where I thought […]

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Baby Jazmyn

We have received a request from a family that needs our help to save the vehicle that they use to travel to work and to and from visiting their baby in the hospital. They cannot seem to catch up with the all financial¬†stress they have. This assistance would allow them to make current payments instead […]

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