How We Work

We operate a very simple model: a large group of people can each give a little to make a big impact in one family’s life.

For us, that community supports families affected by premature birth and infant loss. We work directly with hospital social workers and families to determine what their needs are; we quickly share that need via email and social media with our members, asking for everyone to make up a small “piece of the pie” to meet that family’s need. 100% of the donations we receive for specific families go directly to helping that family. We, in turn, pay for goods and services on behalf of the family (we do not give cash to families) to ensure that our member’s dollars are being responsibly spent.

The larger our community, the smaller each member’s piece of the pie — and the more families we hope to ultimately support. So, if you’re a member, please consider sharing what you know about the Ella Bullis Foundation with others, encouraging them to join and give to families in need. You can quickly email on a needs request, invite a friend to attend an event or “share” our Facebook page with others.

For other ways to get involved, click here.

Family Resources

We focus our services provided to families in an effort to be as efficient and impactful in the support we provide. But we know there are many other needs, not financial, that affect those experiencing prematurity or infant death. It’s for that reason that we look to partner with other organizations and provide a list of helpful resource to families, helping them to find everything from bereavement support, information about bringing home baby, shopping guides and more.

See our ever-changing list of resources here.

If you are a service provider that would like to be added to our list of resources, please contact us at [email protected].