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Baby Julius

Consider making a donation to help Baby Julius and his family. Initially we were contacted to help this family with travel accommodations and meal vouchers so they could visit Baby Julius in Denver. Happily, during the assistance process Julius was able to travel home to be with his family. However, this happy homecoming was overshadowed by mounting overdue bills, including the family’s mortgage. This is how we can best help this family now. We need to raise $950.00 to keep this family out of foreclosure. Would you consider a one time donation to help this family? Any amount would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!
Take a moment to read Baby Julius’  birth story below in the words of his mother:
I got pregnant back in July 2012. In late December 2012 we went out to Sidney, NE to visit family for Christmas. While we were there I started getting really hot and was hurting really bad across my stomach. My husband and mother-in-law drove me to the ER in Sidney around 9pm that night. I was in the ER and the Dr decided to Life flight me to PSL hospital in Denver, CO since my blood pressure was extremely high and something was going on with my liver. My husband had to drive the 2.5 hours to Denver since he couldn’t go in the helicopter with me. I got to PSL around 12:30am and after my ultrasound the Dr decided that I didn’t have hours or days but minutes to save my baby and my life. My husband ended up getting there a few minutes before the emergency c section. At 3:43am on December 30, 2012 our miracle baby was born at 26 weeks gestational weighing 1 lb 6 oz and 12 1/4 inches long. He was taken immediately to the NICU at PSL in Denver.
I was in the hospital for about a week after to try to get my body back to where it needed to be. Julius had PDA surgery to repair a hole in his heart on Jan. 15th and he was on a ventilator up until 2 weeks ago because his right diaphragm was not functioning. Through him growing a little bit more he was able to get removed from the ventilator and now he is almost 14 weeks old and his diaphragm is moving. He is on nasal canala at 4 liters.
**Julius is now home with his family. He continues to grow and develop with the help of daily visits from therapists and nurses.

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