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Baby Jazmyn

We have received a request from a family that needs our help to save the vehicle that they use to travel to work and to and from visiting their baby in the hospital. They cannot seem to catch up with the all financial stress they have. This assistance would allow them to make current payments instead of always trying to catch up from the payments that they were forced to miss. It will also stop the harassing phone calls that they were receiving multiple times a day. They are asking for $510.00 to bring their account current and up to date.
Baby Jazmyn was born at term at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, which is where her family resides. She was transferred to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital due to a suspected bowel obstruction.
Jazmyn was born on 8/7/12 and continues to remain hospitalized in the NICU at HDVCH. Jazmyn’s mom has remained in Grand Rapids with the baby during this time. Jazmyn’s father had to return to work in Traverse City, so the parents have to go long periods without seeing one another. They have 2 additional children, ages 4 and 6 years.
Jazmyn has been diagnosed with Hirschprung’s Disease, which is a chronic disease of the intestine making it difficult for adequate digestion. She has undergone intestinal surgery, but continues to have a long and complicated hospital course and problems with feeding intolerance. She may require a surgically placed feeding tube.
These circumstances have caused the family to become financially stressed, with the most pressing issue being threatened repossession of their vehicle. They are currently $510 behind in payments and have been contacted and told the vehicle will be repossessed if payment is not received soon. Jazmyn’s father has been relying on others to get him to and from work, as the registration has expired and they are financially unable to renew it at this time. Mom’s drivers licence has also expired for the same reason.
Jazmyn’s mom is currently trying to find work in the GR area to try to earn some money to put towards the car payments. It is vital that this family have a vehicle, even after Jazmyn is discharged from the hospital, as she will have many follow up appointments, some of which will require travel back to GR to see specialists.
Please consider donating to help this family save their vehicle. Donations in any amount are helpful and are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for you consideration.

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