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Baby Dreyden

Update: We were able to completely fund our request of $550.00 for Baby Dreyden and his family. Thank you to those that generously donated to help this family. You are appreciated by us, the family, and the social workers.



We have a couple that really needs our help in  establishing a home for their family. Baby Dreyden was born at 25 weeks gestation weighing 420g (about 15oz) to parents Olivia and Travis. Originally from Newaygo County, his parents have remained in Grand Rapids throughout Dreyden’s admission. Due to his complex medical needs and their limited transportation, they need to remain in the Grand Rapids area.  After almost nine months of a difficult hospitalization, Dreyden is preparing to discharge home with tracheostomy and home ventilator along with gastrostomy feeding tube.  His parents are currently without income, but have found an apartment willing to rent to them based on Dreyden’s SSI income that he will receive post discharge. Family is able to help the couple with the security deposit, but they have not been able to come up with the first month’s rent after contacting multiple agencies that help the homeless.  Due to their lack of income and limited ability to provide for Dreyden, the couple is also working with Child Protective Services about employment and meeting Dreyden’s needs.

This family needs a little boost to get on their feet and you could help them by donating towards their first month’s rent. Thank you in advance for your assistance. All donations are tax deductible and will go directly to support this family in establishing a new home.

We need to help this family raise $550 dollars for their first month rent. Any amount you can give would be a huge help to get this family get a new start.

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