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Baby Christian

Baby Christian was born at 23 weeks gestation after a difficult pregnancy for his mother. His mom was off from work, unpaid, due to the complications with her pregnancy. She did return to work when Christian was six weeks old, which has been quite difficult for her. Her current apartment is a very small studio that will not be appropriate for Christian’s needs at discharge. Christian’s mom has managed to find an apartment that will approve her low income, but she is struggling to come up with the initial costs of first month’s rent. Her support system is limited and her extended family cannot provide financial assistance.

Would you please consider helping Christian and his mom? Any amount that you can give would greatly help this single mom and her son, who will need significant special treatment upon discharge. It is also important to note that Christian’s mom needs to come up with this amount for the security deposit in a timely fashion so we need to raise these funds as soon as possible. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you in advance for you consideration in helping this family!

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