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Baby Parker

We received a request from this family’s social worker in June of 2011. Their only means of transportation was broken and the family did not have the funds to fix the vehicle. The parents needed this vehicle to take their son (Baby Parker) back and forth to appointments after he left the NICU. Below is an excerpt of Baby Parker’s story from his social worker at the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Family’s Story

Parker was transferred to Helen DeVos Childrens Neonatal unit from way up north, because he had a suspected bowel problem. He was diagnosed with Hirschprungs disease and required bowel surgery. Parker will have ongoing medical needs, and follow up appointments. A few days ago, the parent’s car broke. Dad was stranded at Ronald McDonald House. Mom is back home as she does some home daycare. Dad is currently laid off. The estimate for the vehicle repairs is $730, but they are requesting $500 to supplement what they have. The family is unable to afford the total repairs on this vehicle they really need.

How We Helped

We were able to raise the $500 dollars that this family needed in order to get their only means of transportation fixed.

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