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Baby Faith Headstone Fund

This was a request from a family in that needed help paying for a headstone for their daughter Faith who was born at just 26 weeks, along with her twin sister Chloe. A little over a month after arriving here little Faith passed away. You can read more below about Faith and Chloe through the words of their mother, Lisa.

Family’s Story

Joel and I found out we were having twins due April 30 right before Thanksgiving.  It was a surprise, but a wonderful surprise like winning the lottery. We went for my 20 week ultrasound to a high risk OB to make sure everything was okay.  The technician pointed out right away the twins, girls, had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). This meant some blood vessels on the placenta were going from one baby to another and not from mother to baby.  Faith was the donor, giving more blood and nutrients to the recipient, Chloe. The doctor put me on immediate bed rest and protein shakes. He was also going to consult with a doctor in Milwaukee that pioneet a laser ablation surgery.  The doctor in Milwaukee, Dr. De Lia called two days later and told me I needed to be in the car and in Milwaukee by that night as the babies qualified for surgery. Friday Dec 17, 2010 I had the surgery that lasered the vessels connecting baby to baby.  Everything went well. Dr. De Lia’s only concern was how long the babies could stay in the placenta as Faith didn’t have much room in the placenta and he was afraid she wouldn’t grow very big.  I made it six weeks on complete bed rest and Chloe Grace and Faith Jolene were born C-section on Jan 22, 2011.  Chloe weight 1 lb 11 oz and Faith just 14 oz.  We were fearful that they wouldn’t make it, but being born at 26 weeks was better than 24 or 25 weeks. Faith was more a concern because she was so small.  She did have a couple of set backs but things had started to improve.  They were in the St Mary’s NICU until Feb 28 when they moved to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital as they needed to have their eyes examed and St Mary’s didn’t have an eye doctor yet. Both girls were pretty stable, Faith needing more care because she was on a ventillator. She did have about a week in Feb. where she was on a CPAP machine and I got to hold her 3 times, I’m very thankful for that.  On March 4 at 1:28 AM Faith passed away.  It was sudden because we all thought she was stable. We will miss her as our daughter and as a twin (because twins do share a special bond that we were looking forward to seeing).

How We Helped

We were able to provide the $500 dollars that this family needed for their daughter’s headstone.

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