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Baby Abigail Headstone Request

This request was from Stephanie, a single mom, who gave birth to Abigail at 24 weeks. She is needed assistance for a headstone for Abigail who bravely fought on this earth for 42 days. Our Foundation raised over $500 dollars to help this mother purchase a headstone for her daughter in February of 2011.

Read Stephanie and Abigail’s story below in Stephanie’s words:

On November 23, 2010 I got a phone call from my OBGYN here in Muskegon and was told that I needed to go out to Spectrum Butterworth in Grand Rapids and that there was a specialist waiting for me when I get there. When I got there I was placed in a room and an OBGYN can in the room and told me I was dying and I would be in the hospital until I delivered my baby girl. I had a urine protein level of 15 thousand when i entered the hospital. After 24 hours my protein level jumped to 18 thousand, normal levels is only 5 thousand. When I was taken into the OR to deliver my daughter I was then told by the doctor that he only gives me nine days to live if I dont deliver Abigail. I was so scared, not for myself but for my little girl. I was only 23 weeks and 5 days along in my pregnancy. I didn’t even know if Abigail would make it past a few hours after being born. On November 25, 2010 at 11:08 am Abigail Lois Munson was born. She weighed 1lb 3oz and was 10.5 inches long. While laying on the operating table I heard Abigail’s tiny little cry when she was taken out of me. I started crying myself, that was my first time hearing my daughters cry. After spending an hour in a recovery room I was taken to the NICU where I got to see Abigail for the first time. She looked so perfect laying there in her little bed. So tiny and yet just perfect, ten little fingers and ten little toes, and a perfect little button nose.

Abigail was placed on a vent from the moment she was born. For the first three days she was in what they call the honey moon stage. She was just laying there moving around being all happy. She was so funny because she loved to play with her breathing tube. She was always pushing and pulling on her tube trying to take it out. She even had her own little personality for being born so early and being so tiny. On day 4 is when things started to change. Abigail’s lungs were the first issue we had. She had to be put on a different vent, one that would be more gentle for her little lungs. After a few days on this new vent they changed her vent again and added Nitric Oxide to help open her lungs more. She responded very well to everything. Abigail’s heart was the only thing that we didn’t have to worry about at first, her heart did everything it was supposed to do in her first week of life.

Abigail had a lot of x-rays and scans done while she was here with us. She had her first brain scan done around day 7 of life. The scan came back showing there was no brain bleeds. On day 12 Abigail started to act different like she was sick and tired. Another brain scan was done and this time the results came back showing she had a third degree brain bleed. This was the worst day of my life, I had waited so long to get pregnant and start my family and now I have to hear that my daughter my not make it. Her bleed didn’t get worse from this point but it didn’t get any better either. As the days go by her brain was putting acid into her little body making her sicker everyday, some days were bigger slide backs then others. Nothing real major happened again until day 25. On Day 25 Abigail’s kidneys stopped working. She would go 23 hours without peeing and then she would have a diaper that weighed 1 or 2 grams. This went on for almost a week until her kidneys started to function just slightly again. By this time Abigail weighed 1lb 6oz, after her kidneys stopped functioning she started to gain water weight. By the end of day 42 when Abigail past away she weighed 2lbs 9oz, which a full pound of that weight was fluid that shouldn’t have been in her body.

Everyday this little girl fought as hard as she could. Everyday her med’s changed sometimes on an hour to hours bases her med’s would change. There was many sleepless nights for me because I was so scared that if I left her something bad would happen and I would be called in to her bedside. I spent as much time next to Abigail as I could because I didn’t know just how long I was going to have with her. I would tell her all my plans I had for her in the coming years and tell her she needed to get better and get big and strong so she could come home and do all these fun things with her mommy and daddy and everyone that loved her so much. When Abigail past away a major part of my life was taken with her. I wish everyday that my princess was still with me and I was changing her diapers, feeding her, bathing her, and dressing her up in cute little pink clothes. Everything was taken away from me way to soon. My princess Abigail was, is, and always will be loved around the world.

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