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Contact Date: 03/13/2010

Young Family

My name is Becky Young and my husband’s name is Ryan.  After 13 months of trying to get pregnant, we found out in October that we were expecting our second baby.  While thrilled initially, our joy was turned to concern at around 11 weeks when I began to have heavy bleeding which required me to be off od work for around 8 weeks.  In follow up ultrasounds we learned that our daughter would have a lot to overcome when she came into the world.  The perinatologist identified that she had a two vessel cord, and that I had a complete previa (meaning, the placenta was completing covering my cervix which would require a cesarean delivery).  We also found out two weeks later that our daughter had a major heart defect that would require immediate surgery after she was born.  While we were seeing the pediatric cardiologist for an echocardiogram, our daughter’s heart rate was in the 60’s for the first few minutes of the scan.  Although it had come back up, and remained up, and as our daughter flipped positions and became active again, we were alarmed, and sent back to the perinatologist later that day for another ultrasound to check for any damage from the deceleration of her heart rate.  We were reassured that she was doing quite well, as she was very active on the monitor, moving her arms and legs, and even practicing breathing movements.  We were thrilled to still have our daughter and began to plan for what would come, when later that week I stopped feeling her move.  I was at work (as a labor and delivery nurse), and found out that she had passed away.  Due to the placenta being where it was, and Bailey’s gestational age, we were not able to have an “uncomplicated” delivery.  We were sent later that week to a larger hospital to be induced for what hoped to be a vaginal delivery.  The staff prepared for the worst, starting two IV’s and having four units of blood ready for transfusion, as they expected a large amount of bleeding and possibly having to do emergency surgeries during delivery.  It was hoped that Bailey would deliver simultaneously with the placenta, thus minimizing bleeding, but it wasn’t expected.  On June 10, at 6:33 in the morning, Bailey was born, before the placenta, wholly complete and with minimal bleeding.  I believe the Lord worked a tremendous miracle and answered our prayers.  He allowed Bailey to be delivered first with no other complications.  We Praise the Lord for His answers to our prayers and protecting me through this situation where even the doctors were very concerned for my well being.  Bailey’s memorial video is on youtube at:

We are concerned with the financial cost of funeral and burial expenses.  Due to other complications during my pregnancy, I was unable to work as much as normal over the past 3 months.  We have chosen to bury Bailey in a cemetery in West Allis and we would love to place a headstone on her spot.

My brother-in-law James Kuipers is on the board of the Ella Bullis Foundation and requested I share my story with you.  My husband and I greatly appreciate any assistance the Foundation can provide.

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